Bachelor of Business Administration

    • To develop general management skills like oral and written communication.
    • To enhance decision-making, leadership, teamwork, capabilities.
    • The program builds in the student's potential for future and enables them to build and maintain balance between the targets of economic success.
    • The students will be able to make country's resources (human, physical, environmental & financial resources sustainable for the generations to come.

      The four-year BBA program is designed to meet the needs of the first-year person who has completed several years of education and is looking for a career in business administration   


      Bachelor of Business Administration


      • To provide quality education for understanding and comprehension of business administration.
      • To remain committed to the accomplishment of an application-based learning environment.

      Program Objectives

  1. Principles of Management
  2. Marketing Management
  3. Financial Accounting
  4. Managerial Accounting
  5. Business Law and Ethics
  6. Organizational Behavior
  7. Business Statistics
  8. Business Communication
  9. Economics (Microeconomics and Macroeconomics)
  10. Human Resource Management
  11. Operations Management
  12. Strategic Management

BBA degee program usually requires around 120-130 credit hours.

A 4-year BBAS degree program typically consists of 8 semesters (2 semesters per year).


  • Eligibility Criteria:

    FA/FSc, I. Com, D.Com, DBA/ICS or GCEA-Levels or equivalent with minimum 2nd Division (45%).


  • Application Deadline: The deadline for submitting applications is August 28, 2023.
  • Admission Decisions: Admission decisions will be communicated by August 30, 2023.
  • Deadline for Acceptance of Offer: The deadline for accepting the admission offer is September 05, 2023.
  • Orientation Week: The orientation week will start from September  26, 2023.
  • Classes Begin: Classes for the Bachelor program will begin on September 28, 2023.

Earning a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree paves the way for a multitude of career paths in Pakistan, equipping students with a robust understanding of multiple business domains. BBA graduates can explore a wide array of career trajectories in both public and private sectors. Here are some potential career avenues for BBA degree holders in Pakistan:

• Marketing: • Finance: • Human Resources: • Operations Management: • Business Development: • Consulting: • Sales: • Public Sector Roles: • Non-profit and NGO Sector:

  1. What is a BBA program? A BBA program is an undergraduate degree that provides a comprehensive understanding of business concepts, management principles, and organizational functions.
  2. What are the admission requirements for the program? Admission requirements can vary, but generally, they include a high school diploma or equivalent with specified grades in relevant subjects.
  3. What subjects will I study in this program? The program typically covers subjects like marketing, finance, human resources, accounting, management, business ethics, and economics.
  4. What are the career prospects for BBA graduates? Graduates can pursue careers as business analysts, marketing managers, financial analysts, human resource managers, project managers, and more in various industries.
  5. Is prior knowledge of business required to excel in this program? No prior business knowledge is necessary, but having a basic understanding of business concepts can be beneficial.
  6. Can I specialize in a specific area of business within the program? Some programs offer specializations such as marketing, finance, human resources, entrepreneurship, or international business, allowing you to focus on a particular field.
  7. Is a BBA degree valued in the job market? Yes, a BBA degree is highly valued by employers as it equips graduates with a strong foundation in business concepts and management skills.
  8. Can I continue my education after completing a BBA degree? Yes, you can pursue further education such as a master's degree in business administration (MBA) or related fields.
  9. Are there internship or co-op opportunities in this program? Many BBA programs offer opportunities for internships or cooperative education (co-op) programs, allowing you to gain practical experience in real business settings.
  10. What kind of skills will I develop in this program? You'll develop skills in communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, decision-making, and business analysis.
  11. What is the balance between theory and practical application in the program? The program typically includes a mix of theoretical coursework and practical exercises, including case studies, group projects, and real-world simulations.
  12. Can I work while pursuing this degree? Depending on the program's workload and your time management skills, you might be able to work part-time or as an intern in the business sector.

What kind of projects or assignments will I work on? You might work on projects related to marketing campaigns, financial analysis, business plans, market research, and management strategies.

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